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Ep. 228 – Geoffrey Blake aka GB – On How a Daily Gratitude Practice Can Change Your Life!
Episode 2285th August 2020 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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In these challenging times, gratitude has become more important than ever. A gratitude practice is one tool that is free of charge and equally accessible to people of all races, genders, ethnicities, and economic status. Gratitude has the ability to bring positivity to any situation and give your mindset an instant boost!

Geoffrey Blake (GB) describes himself as a grateful human. He’s an introvert who plays an extrovert when it's necessary. He's toured internationally with his band, co-founded a non-profit, been a successful personal trainer for over a decade, and now his main focus is a global movement toward gratitude as the founder of the Global Gratitude Jar.

The great connector

Why focus on gratitude? GB had an unshakeable feeling early in his life that he would be part of the positive change in the world. The change happens when we see the good in ourselves, the good in others, and how much alike we really are. Geoffrey views a gratitude practice as an entry-level activity to bring about change and connect people--and anyone can participate. He sees himself as an encourager to help people form and establish a habit every day that can contribute to positivity and overall mental health. 

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Where do we start with a gratitude practice? GB says to start with a warm memory from the past, which is easy to find, even if your “gratitude muscle” isn’t developed enough to sense what you’re grateful for in the present. The key is JOLT: “Just one little thing.” Find one small thing to be grateful for every day, and you’ll grow into a more detailed gratitude practice. GB uses simplistic prompts to get people to think about the miracles in everyday life. Nothing is too small or insignificant for which to be grateful. He points out that in his Facebook group, someone’s gratitude is not up for judgment or comment; they are allowed to own it in whatever way they choose. 

TWEET: Find one small thing to be grateful for every day, and you’ll grow into a more detailed gratitude practice. @GBGeoffreyBlake #chasingdreams

You hold the power

How does your positivity affect others? GB says that gratitude has a domino effect as it tips in the direction of sunshine. A simple smile, comment, or show of appreciation has immense power to change someone’s day and bring sunshine. Gratitude helps you bring positivity and your best to every situation, even the difficult ones. We hold the power to change someone’s day and make a positive impression just by looking for opportunities for connection. He explains how he looks to tell his mentors how they have impacted his success, and now he passes that encouragement along to those he mentors. 

TWEET: Gratitude has a domino effect as it tips in the direction of sunshine. @GBGeoffreyBlake #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Commit to 30 days of gratitude with the JOLT method. The next step is to join our Facebook group, Global Gratitude Jar.” 


  • [:15] An intro to Global Gratitude
  • [3:20] GB’s motivation to gratitude
  • [5:21] How gratitude contributes to mental health
  • [10:04] How to start a gratitude practice
  • [14:42] Young GB’s awareness of gratitude
  • [19:58] The effect of gratitude early in life
  • [23:20] The impact of our gratitude on others
  • [27:16] The domino effect of gratitude
  • [31:06] Being impactful in life
  • [33:54] ONE action for a dream chaser
  • [35:36] Get to know GB better


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In six months, Global Gratitude Jar has grown from a 30-member community to 470. @GBGeoffreyBlake #chasingdreams

I wouldn’t be navigating these challenging times with as much grace if not for my gratitude practice. @GBGeoffreyBlake #chasingdreams

Social media makes us think life should be full of peaks, but the truth is that there are peaks and valleys along life’s journey. @GBGeoffreyBlake #chasingdreams

The goal of Global Gratitude is to turn the gratitude practice into a reflex. @GBGeoffreyBlake #chasingdreams

We need to teach kids to refine their sight to see the good and joyful things in the world. @GBGeoffreyBlake #chasingdreams