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Concierge Client Care
Episode 66th June 2022 • The Sea Captain Way • Phil Bender
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In this episode, you’ll hear about the concept of concierge client care and what it means to financial advisors. Phil and Greg discuss how Phil came up with this term in his practice, and how he adopted this client service approach after hiring his own concierge physician.

Key Points:

There seems to be a move away from one-dimensional planning towards a more all-encompassing concierge-level of client care, particularly as clients age and become more affluent.   

  • Phil shares his personal inspiration for concierge-style financial advising, relating a story about hiring a concierge physician for comprehensive, proactive healthcare to develop an ongoing plan for his future health and wellness.  
  • The parallels between best practices for concierge physicians and concierge sales professionals are fact-finding/file, your team and their responsiveness, and client experience, including ongoing education. 
  • In the financial services industry, the fiduciary standard of care is the gold standard because it involves always doing what’s in a client’s best interest. That means coordinating your efforts with other professionals who also work with the client, such as their attorney and accountant. It also may involve family members who may be impacted by the planning. 
  • Phil says that for those who are in the top 1% of income earners, 99% of the financial advice in the media does not apply.  
  • Phil and Greg discussed client experience and the importance and role it plays in concierge-level care. 
  • Phil delivers a song parody based upon concierge care ideals.

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