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The Spirit (And Cost) Of Entrepreneurship, With Joe Foster.
Episode 2739th June 2021 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Today Roland has the honor of talking to the co-founder of Reebok, Joe Foster ( Following his family heritage back to 1895, Joe's Grandfather, Joseph W. Foster, pioneered the spiked running shoe and famously made shoes for the Worlds best athletes.

In this conversation, Joe talks candidly about the need for passion and undivided attention when it comes to Entrepreneurship, and the toll it can take on your family and personal life.

If you sometimes feel that people around you are holding you back, you’ll be inspired by Joes’ experience.

Joe recently released his book, The Shoemaker, which Roland highly recommends.

“There's only room for one love when your heart is fully invested in your passion”. Joe Foster.

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“I don't think you can go eight hours a day with something, whatever it is (with me, it's a company), you can't do that unless you're in love, unless you have a passion, because it doesn't give you back all that much at times, at times it gives you a lot of pain, a lot of heartaches.” Joe Foster.

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