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Consumers & Communities: Profits to the People from Emissions Data
Episode 315th December 2021 • The GLYNT View • GLYNT.AI
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There is a myth around the colossal sacrifice all of us must do if we want to be active and reduce emissions, but that is not true. We can do several small things to contribute to climate change without suffering. However, changing human value systems is hard unless people know how they will benefit from making those changes. 

In this episode, continuing our chat with Glynt's CEO & Founder Martha Amram and Glynt's CRO Chieng Moua, we talk about consumers and communities and how people can profit from their emissions data. We delve into the emissions of producing clean water, how Glynt helps people put cash in their pockets by reducing their emissions, and the best channels to provide information to the communities about their emissions. 

We also discuss the politicization of data and how this affects the progress of emissions reduction within the communities, Glynt's hero approach, the importance of educating people, and much more. 

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