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Oh Canada! Chris Walder Joins CSC To Talk Raptors, Pascal Siakam, Scottie Barnes, DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Ben Simmons, AEW & the Difference Between Playing In Toronto Instead of Tampa Bay
Episode 735th November 2021 • Charity Stripe Commentary • Sideline Coverage
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Shawn & Trey are joined by a very special guest for their 73rd Episode! As the guest would say on their pod, "it's the Dennis Rodman of episodes!" They were able to lockdown Raptors Twitter Legend Chris Walder from The Walder Sportscast! They discuss all things Raptors including, but not limited to, the anticipated return of Pascal Saikam to the lineup, drafting Scottie Barnes over Jalen Suggs, the depth of the roster and how Shawn is living dangerously by saying anything bad about Kyle Lowry, the greatest Raptor of all-time. At the end, Trey thanks Chris for bringing the AEW to his attention and reigniting his love for Professional Wrestling while Shawn thanks him for helping him find the Dishes & Dimes Podcast (one of Shawn's favourite Raptors, NBA and Social Issues Podcasts now).

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