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CS: Not Just for SaaS Anymore
Episode 3127th October 2021 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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Whether it is the growth in the number of people now working in CS departments or the 20,000 attendees to the most recent Pulse Everywhere event, Customer Success is only getting bigger and better. What does Customer Success look like and feel like in other models like B2B, public sector, or higher education? In today’s episode, CS strategist, influencer, and Director of Customer Success Solutions at MarketSource, Jeffrey Heckler joins us to chat about the new models of customer success, how we continue to understand customers through technology, and the effects of growing CS in day-to-day life. Listen now to what this expert has to say about the present and future of the industry!

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(01:00) - Who is Jeffrey Heckler? A CS strategist, influencer, and runner - “We are the global leader in sales innovation processes and have been for 46 years. And so what we're doing now is bringing customer success to the enterprise fortune 500 focused.”

(05:33) - How CS has evolved within organizations - “CS principles, philosophies and practices can modernize historic older models of sales and how they can bring out the entire customer life cycle beyond just journey mapping.”

(08:59) - Holistically understanding your customers with technology - “You take all the data and then you pad it with storytelling. And so you draw with your visuals on the data, but then you have the real attributes of what your customer’s telling you.”

(13:52) - New and better data and the next generation of CM’s - “It's like everything else that we see in CS, the problems become these amazing solutions for adventure.”

(15:32) - Using CS as the glue that holds businesses together - “You can standardize some practices and processes and we can start to put some rigor and integrity in our work and then streamline and automate.”

(17:57) - Customer Success's effects in day-to-day life - “Any frequent flyer program, any key chain where you have a gym tag on it, it's about the membership. It's about the relationship. It's about people with people.”


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