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Unconscious Biases: An Interview With LaTonya J. Pegues - Part 2
Episode 1256th April 2022 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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“Yes, bring in new voices. Yes, you know, do it, go for it. But if it doesn't work with the first diverse voice – non-whites, I'm talking about non-whites now – that doesn't mean it's a failure. You know, keep going, keep working on it, these are systemic problems that have been in place almost since the beginning of audio, and so it's going to take time to what I call undo the bias.” -- LaTonya J. Pegues


This week is the second half of my interview with inclusion expert, executive coach, and unconscious bias trainer LaTonya J. Pegeus as we talk about the importance of positive representation, the effort of diversifying the workplace, and her firsthand struggles with bias as a business owner.

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What Makes You Uncomfortable

The second half begins with a look at ways to overcome unconscious biases, such as listening to the concerns of diverse speakers and identifying the real source of our discomfort, and we talk about how positive representation in such movies as Black Panther is helping to change longstanding assumptions in Hollywood. "They could have had British accents," she says, "but they chose to go with the authentic region of that continent, and boy did that resonate with the rest of the world."


Expected to Win

“Those things that are well-funded,” LaTonya notes as we talk about the challenge of fostering workplace diversity and supporting diversity directors and departments, "are those things that are expected to win” We discuss how many companies have tried, and too often failed, to challenge the longstanding biases within their corporate culture. “I think,” she observes, “that's because they weren't supportive. They were just a box to check and the company did not take it seriously.”


Recognizing Our Bias

We conclude the interview with a look at LaTonya’s upcoming book Unconscious Bias Revealed: How to Recognize and Undo Bias, and her work as a voiceover artist in commercials and on the radio. LaTonya also shares with us some of the personal challenges that she’s faced as an African-American woman in the business world. “There've been countless times that I have not had opportunities to provide services, even as a business owner, you know, for clients, for whatever reason.”


Episode Summary

  • How to recognize and overcome our unconscious biases
  • The way movies and media are challenging old assumptions
  • Supporting diversity departments and a more inclusive workspace
  • LaTonya’s upcoming projects and experience with bias


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