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The Business Case for Clean Data: Susan Walsh is The Classification Guru
Episode 1816th September 2021 • ProctoCast: Real World Procurement Conversation • James Meads
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We're back with a BANG after our summer break!

In this episode of ProctoCast, we dive into the subject of the importance of clean data and a logical taxonomy.

Here to talk about this is none other than The Classification Guru herself, Susan Walsh.

The Business Case for Clean Data

We dig into how to break down the barriers between the person on the front line dealing with the consequences of dirty data, and the gap between those folks and the department heads who are often oblivious or apathetic towards the need to fix the problem.

Then we cover how certain businesses that "get it" are moving ahead at lightning speed and leaving some of the laggards behind.

Finally, we discuss how procurement teams of the future may look like, as data becomes ever more central to strategy & planning. The difference between success and struggle will very soon be directly aligned to the quality of your data and what you do with it.

Susan also has a new book coming out called Between The Spreadsheets. This is a cheap, easy introduction to discover the benefits you can gain through classifying your data and having a structured taxonomy.

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