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Joey Flores and Jonathan Neil of Inversion Art: Offering Community, Connection, and Capital
Episode 2107th March 2023 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Artists have always sought unconventional ways to express their creative principles, which means they’re often at the forefront of innovation. On the business side of the art world, however, artists have long been confined to stale institutions like museums, auction houses, and white cube galleries. While we've seen some transformation when it comes to digital commerce for artists, options for career development are limited; artists are in desperate need of new platforms to learn, share, and grow.

Enter Inversion Art, an international accelerator program that offers community, connection, and capital for artists. Driven by innovation, cofounders Joey Flores and Jonathan Neil are creating new models for artists to grow and elevate their businesses. In today’s podcast episode, host Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with Joey and Jonathan to discuss Inversion Art’s mission to reinvigorate the art world. “What we’re trying to do is take artists who are already starting to achieve success and help them take control [of their career] at that moment and ensure long-term success,” Joey tells Scott. As Joey and Jonathan explain in today’s episode, Inversion Art’s investment in artists includes a three-month career development program, ongoing career advocacy, access to an incredible peer community, and more.

“Inversion’s model of providing operational support is designed to create space so that the artist can pursue excellence but maintain their independence from the other players in the marketplace, so that they don’t feel like they’re beholden to their galleries,” Jonathan says, explaining that many artists have already moved away from the gallery system. “There are lots of different paths to lots of different types of success in the art world,” Joey agrees. “Just because one of those paths is blocked by some gatekeeper doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be successful in whatever way is important to you.” 

Tune into today’s episode to learn more about how you can apply to and benefit from Inversion Art’s robust programming. Join us for a fascinating conversation on innovation and entrepreneurship with Joey Flores and Jonathan Neil of Inversion Art. 

In Today’s Podcast Episode 

Scott, Joey, and Jonathan discuss…

  • How entrepreneurship, innovation, and art brought the cofounders together
  • The problem that Inversion Art is working to solve
  • Who can apply for and benefit most from the programs Inversion Art offers
  • Artists as natural-born innovators who need help scaling their businesses
  • Facilitating new opportunities that the institutional art world hasn’t caught up with yet
  • Taking the best of capitalism and entrepreneurship to create a new patronage model
  • The value of having access to an ambitious, like-minded community
  • How to capitalize on your breakthroughs and take your creative practice to the next level
  • Creating alternatives for artists who can’t afford or aren’t interested in formal education
  • Why it’s important to know what you value and what kind of career you want

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