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Dune - Chapter 35
Episode 3610th December 2020 • Spice World • Spice World
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The Fenring's take us as their plus one to Feyd's birthday extravaganza. We get to mingle with some terrified nobles before grabbing box seats with the Baron. It takes us some time to unravel each character's plan. Distracted by the intrigue, Derek loses track of which blade holds the poison. Impressed that Mike did not, Hasmir refills our glasses and hums…

-Baron Blunders

-Leto's favorite conspiracy

-Thufir's got skin in the game

-Then the Gurney Game speeds up

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05:15 Chapter Summary Begins

02:28:00 Gurney, Gurney, Gurney

02:34:00 Daniel Sexton Gurney


Baron Herzog

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