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S1 E5 - How to Build and Sell a High Priced, High Value Offer
16th March 2021 • OTs Get Paid Podcast • Trish Williams
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In this episode, I discuss the value of adding high-end offers to your ascension model. I invite you to realize your full OT potential by shifting towards a time-for-expertise pricing plan. Learn how to utilize my 4-step process for offering high-end services and start maximizing your OT profits now!

Episode Notes

I discuss:

  • Who prompted me to build my first high end, VIP product at my bricks and mortar clinic?

  • What will a client/customer pay a high price for? In contrast, what will discourage them?

  • The move from hourly to a high priced flat rate package

  • What is my 4 step process?

  • Listen carefully to the 3 main components of an offer: Promise, Process, Price

  • Finding your strengths based approach to deliver your high end offer

  • Why are people paying a premium price for things that are offered free elsewhere?

  • What is the typical price range of a high end, VIP day offering? (OTs aren't quite there yet. Baby steps!)


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