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The Lutheran Cartographer - Nicholas Weber EPISODE 52, 22nd December 2020
52 - Nicholas Weber: 2020 Year in Review
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52 - Nicholas Weber: 2020 Year in Review

Nicholas Weber is the host of The Lutheran Cartographer, a member of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, U.A.C. and works as a software developer in Washington state.

For more about Covid, see the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement by scientists dissenting from the lockdowns-are-good narrative: https://gbdeclaration.org/

For a popular (though still robust) approach, listen to Tom Wood's presentation, "The Covid Cult": https://tomwoods.com/the-covid-cult/

For a book on the subject, see Your Facebook Friends are Wrong about Lockdowns: http://wrongaboutlockdown.com/

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