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#302: BLAND Loyalty - Bridging the Gap between Brand and Loyalty Marketing
Episode 30216th November 2022 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today's fascinating discussion focuses on a new industry term coined by our guest – a relative newcomer to loyalty marketing, with a fresh perspective on our industry.

Christopher Ross, President of the EMEA Region for the Collinson Group, has spent over 30 years of his career at boardroom tables, helping clients leverage both the art and science of creativity to build brand value. So he was truly disappointed when he noticed how many loyalty programmes seem disconnected from those conversations and ambitions. 

Chris believes that consumers are underwhelmed, and loyalty marketers perhaps equally overwhelmed, because of a clear lack of conversation and connection with our BRANDS when it comes to creating and managing our loyalty programmes.

The result is “Bland Loyalty” rather than "brand loyalty".

Loyalty programmes have become a support act instead of the strategic tool they can and should be.

Listen to today's episode to learn how your business can achieve an “unfair advantage”, using the power of creativity and compelling campaigns throughout your loyalty programme, and move beyond this BLAND loyalty to instead create powerful insights and programmes that your customers and members will LOVE.

This episode is sponsored by Collinson.

Show Notes:

1) Christopher Ross

2) Collinson

3) BLAND Loyalty Article: The Loyalty Magazine

4) The UK Loyalty Landscape 2022: Loyalty Leaders Research





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