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TrailBlazer to Empire with Kelly Roach, the Millionaire Maker
Episode 11030th April 2024 • Creating Powerful Impact • Shay Wheat
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Welcome to another episode of Creating Powerful Impact! In today's transformative journey of entrepreneurship, we're thrilled to be joined by the incomparable Kelly Roach.

Kelly's expertise in business reinvention is nothing short of inspirational, and throughout our conversation, she illuminates the path to harnessing our unique gifts to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Kelly shares invaluable insights into the art of strategic reinvention and how it propels long-term growth. We dissect the nuances of leadership and its pivotal role in the scalability of a business, exploring how expanding personal capacity can lead to greater success and innovation.

By stepping out of our comfort zones and resolving foundational issues, we open the door to focusing on big-picture thinking and strategic decision-making.

Kelly advises on avoiding the pitfalls of stagnation and emphasizes the importance of remaining energetically engaged to steer clear of a decline in business performance. We discuss practical strategies for breaking free from the hamster wheel effect and keeping our businesses surging forward with clarity and precision.

Finally, we address the mental fortitude required to scale a business effectively, emphasizing the balance between intuition and data-driven decision-making. Kelly shares insights on building an operations team that complements your strengths and the step-by-step approach to achieving this. We also delve into strategies to make an impact and expand your reach, such as creating valuable content and leveraging advertising.

Tune in for a treasure trove of actionable advice, including a mention of the reinvention playbook, which could serve as your guide in reimagining your entrepreneurial approach for sustainable growth and impact.

Key Moments:

1:26 Entrepreneurial Growth Through Reinvention

6:52 The Art of Reinvention

12:22 Building Emotional Capacity for Leadership

17:59 Mastering the Mental Game of Entrepreneurship

Kelly Roach is one of the only female founders in the online space to build her company from 0 to 8 figures with 0 debt, investors, or outside funding. Kelly is a former NFL cheerleader and Fortune 500 executive turned 8-figure+ entrepreneur empowering thousands around the globe to achieve financial and lifestyle freedom through entrepreneurship.

Kelly is an 11x international best-selling author, Top 20 podcast host, and philanthropist who has been featured in major media such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and Forbes - as well as the recipient of prestigious awards such as #287 on the Inc. 5000 list, The Stevie® Awards Woman of the Year, TITAN CEO of the Year, and Inc.’s Best in Business.

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