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Bridge of Hope San Diego – Sheri Briggs pt 2
Episode 121924th January 2023 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Bridge of Hope San Diego

Sheri Briggs pt 2

Many people in this world are hurting today. So many people often find themselves in situations where they literally have nowhere to go. They could be escaping domestic violence. They could be facing a family crisis and find themselves homeless. They could be overcoming a drug addiction or coping with literally any type of situation that causes vulnerability and uncertainty. Even fleeing a war torn nation and leaving everything behind.

Sheri Briggs was in that situation. She was a single mom trying to care for her son Nathan. She was not seeking advice or well wishes. She was seeking furniture, pots and pans and things like that to help her give her son the best she possibly could. When she received these things through people who cared, she received strength and encouragement and realized there was a God of Hope that saw her and her son was going to provide for them.

That part of Sheri’s story is the foundation of what now has become “Bridge of Hope” in San Diego. She founded this organization to help embattled women to recover from domestic violence situations. It has grown way beyond that stage now. Amen!

Sheri is also the author of a book, “Relentless Pursuit – God’s Gentle Guidance Amidst the Storm”.

This is part two of a great two part interview!

Take us back to about 1989 or so. Can you share with us what was going on in your life at that time?

Where did you turn to find the resources you needed?

You worked your way out of the mess and into helping others manage their messes and achieve their breakthroughs. Can you share was sparked you deciding to become involved in what is now “Bridge of Hope San Diego?”

You started out of your own apartment, is that correct?  How quickly did you outgrow that space?

What services do you offer to those seeking help?

You also work with outside agencies and case workers that will send people to your program for help, right?

You lost your son, Nathan, in a diving accident in 2015. That was about ten years after forming Bridges of Hope. Now you were the one hurting again. Did your workers help you through your grief or did you turn your grief into further outreach?  Share with us about that difficult time…

Does your husband help with the management of the organization as well?

You have a program called “From Under His Wings – Grief and Living Support.” Can you share with us about this program?

Sheri, this has been so interesting. If someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask questions, perhaps send along offerings of support for “Bridge of Hope,” or maybe just to do an interview such as this. How can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

And your book, how can they order your book, “Relentless Pursuit – God’s Gentle Guidance Amidst the Storm”? Is it on Amazon?

I’ll put links to all of this down in the show notes.

Folks, Sheri has lived a life that many people would not wish upon anyone. But, with the help and the strength of God, she not only survived – she overcame and now, she is fighting the enemy right there in the trenches helping others to overcome the same types of adversity. Praise God! Amen!  She has gone through the test and has now turned into a TESTIMONY!  Amen!

I want to encourage you to start this year off right. How about sending along an offer of support to “Bridge of Hope San Diego?”  There is no offering that is considered too small. A little here and a little there, God can multiply it in so many ways that it suddenly can feed thousands!  Amen! “Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good!”  Glory to God!  Just click the link right in the show notes below and reach out. Bless Sheri and “Bridge of Hope San Diego” with the best love offering you can or whatever the Lord lays on your heart to share. Amen!

And, while you are there in the show notes, be sure to click the link to order Sheri’s book, “Relentless Pursuit – God’s Gentle Guidance Amidst the Storm”.  This book will encourage you to overcome whatever situation YOU are facing right now as well.

You will be challenged to see a loving, all-seeing, all-knowing God right in midst of the storm! Amen! You will be able to believe God’s Word on a deeper level and His call on your life and – by Faith – step out into the perfect will of God for you! Amen!

Just drop down into the show notes and click those links, right there…






Book:  “Relentless Pursuit – God’s Gentle Guidance Amidst the Storm” – on Amazon