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Should You Use Coupons In Your Marketing Strategy? [E032]
Episode 3225th January 2023 • The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast • LSTN Media LLC
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If you want to get a good fight started in the automotive industry, all you have to do is start a discussion about coupons or discounts. In this episode, we dig into the topic. Should you use coupons in your marketing strategy?

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Talking Points

  • Should you use coupons in your marketing strategy?
  • Will they bring you more clients?
  • What type of client are you trying to attract?
  • Are you good at converting “coupon customers” into lifelong customers?
  • If you do use coupons, what are some promotions you can do?
  • Can coupons be successful with high-end clients?
  • If you don’t want to do discounts but do want to run promotions, what are some ideas?

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