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Why Mothers Need a Support Group
Episode 3220th May 2021 • ParentEd • Focus on the Family Singapore
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Mothers are feeling increasingly lonely these days. In a 2018 study in UK, 90% of more than 2,000 mothers surveyed shared that they felt lonely after having children, and 54% felt "friendless" after giving birth. This was even before the need for social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How can we resolve this epidemic of loneliness? Where can mothers find support and encouragement when we need it? Join Joanna Koh-Hoe, CEO of Focus on the Family Singapore as she chats with Michelle Choy about why mothers need a support group or community.

Michelle is a mother of 6 children. Her eldest child is aged 23 and her youngest is 8 years old. She is the co-founder and director of The Little Executive, a skills studio developing children to be ready for the 21st century. She is also an occupational therapist who chronicles about her parenting journey at


In conjunction with Mother's Day in May, Focus on the Family Singapore is affirming all mothers to dream again. What are your aspirations? What do you hope to see for yourself and for your family? Click the link for more resources (results of our recent survey with mums) and encouraging stories of mothers. -> Time to Dream

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