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Work-related stress and the wellbeing of frontline workers
Episode 930th March 2021 • The Safety Conversation with SHP • Informa Markets
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Hear from Senior Psychologist for the Health and Safety Executive, Peter Kelly about work-related stress, and then Inspector Phil Spencer, Blue Light Programme Co-ordinator at Cleveland Police, discusses the stress of working on the frontline during the pandemic.

Peter Kelly is primarily responsible with providing HSE and the government with advice on work-related stress, mental health and wellbeing. During the interview, we spoke about the additional challenge the coronavirus pandemic has had on employee stress and we also touch on the upcoming ISO45003 Standard.

Phil Spencer is Cleveland Police’s Blue Light Programme Coordinator & Wellbeing Inspector. He was named as the winner of the SHP Award for Trailblazer in Workplace Wellbeing Award at the back end of 2020, with judges highlighting his desire to support all things workplace wellbeing.

Phil has been a key component in driving forward the workplace wellbeing agenda and changing the way mental health is thought about in policing. He has transformed how Cleveland Police supports its staff in better understanding mental health, and how to cope better with the trauma and difficulties of the working environment, especially during the pandemic.

Phil also touches on how the police is perceived by the public and the effect that has on officers, and the difficulties with policing the internet in a social media age.

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