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Successful Lawyer To Federal Prison - Overcoming Crises Through Ethical Vigilance & Accountability with Rashmi Airan
3rd August 2020 • Seek Go Create - The Leadership Journey for Christian Entrepreneurs, Faith-Based Leaders, Spiritual Growth, Purpose-Driven Success, Innovative Leadership, Kingdom Business, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Christian Business Practices, Leadership Development, Impactful Living • Tim Winders - Coach for Leaders in Business & Ministry
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Ordeals in life are inevitable. Everyone is bound to go through various struggles, be it a stressful work environment, financial bankruptcy, health-related crises, and many more. Fortunately, you can bounce back with your head high.

In this episode, we talk to Rashmi Airan, a renowned motivational speaker. We will discuss the struggles and ordeals she went through over the past years and how she climbed back up and got to where she is today.

Listen to the episode if you want to overcome life's ordeals through ethical vigilance and accountability.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn more about Rashmi’s background and struggles.
  2. Know how you can overcome your ordeals with the power of community.
  3. Discover insightful tips to climb up the slippery slope with ethical vigilance and accountability.


About Rashmi

Rashmi Airan is currently a corporate and motivational speaker. She is a renowned woman leader and entrepreneur. Along with these, Rashmi is also an internationally recognized TEDx presenter. The struggles she went through in life brought her to where she is now.

Are you interested in reaching out to Rashmi? You can contact her on her website or Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

Episode Highlights

[03:36] How Rashmi’s Life Has Changed

  • Rashmi wouldn’t wish for anyone to go through the difficult circumstances she did. 
  • Nonetheless, her experiences helped her find the ability to be real and transparent.
“I had to lose my freedom to have complete freedom.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[05:41] Getting to a Place of Peace

  • Rashmi had her family’s love and support.
  • You won’t find peace until you realize that things happen for you, not to you.
  • Being negative and bitter was not an option for her as a mother.
  • She also had faith in herself and her ability to bounce back.
“Until you realize that it's not happening to you, it's happening for you, you won't find peace until that point.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[10:08] Rashmi's Background

  • Rashmi is well-educated. She went to UNC-Chapel Hill and graduated with the highest honors. Later, she went to law school in Columbia.
  • She had previously worked with Wall Street and eventually started going in between jobs. She then established her own real estate company.
  • When she met a group of real estate developers, she considered getting them as clients right away because that would mean more financial stability for her family.
  • She believed that people who are of faith are good. Hence, she trusted these real estate developers immediately without doing her due diligence.
  • In March 2009, she decided to stop doing transactional work and merged her practice with her father’s. 

[20:07] Taking Ownership of Her Actions

  • In May 2011, the FBI went to her house. She was in denial and believed that she had not done anything wrong. Two years later, they gave her a grand jury subpoena.
  • Rashmi's indictment included one count of conspiracy to commit fraud and 23 counts of bank fraud.
  • She was afraid of losing everything she had worked for, so she wrote several documents and emails supporting her plea. However, her trial attorney made her realize she had an obligation to disclose her developer's activities, especially since she was a lawyer.
  • She took off her fighting hat and took ownership and accountability for what happened.

[35:34] Dealing with Shame

  • Rashmi informed anyone who knew her at her core, from her immediate family and close friends to her mentors, colleagues, cycling community, and her children’s teachers.
  • The ordeal made her realize that being authentic, owning your mistakes, and holding yourself accountable give people reason to believe in you.
  • She felt the love and support of her family and friends from their letters.
“I believe in life, we have, in every moment, three options: you can accept what you're going through, you can enjoy what you're going through, or you can be enthusiastic (about) what you're going through. But being negative, bitter is not an option.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[42:41] Lessons from Rashmi’s Experiences

  • Our circle is like a constellation that gets bigger. You need to allow yourself to be real around them.
  • Let go of those who would not stand by you.
  • You should know how to separate yourself from negativity. Don't let these thoughts eat you and your soul away.

[45:24] On Epiphanies

  • Epiphanies occur when there is a need for an intense, focused effort to make a change or adjustment.
  • Everyone will undergo some tragic loss in their lives. But when life brings you down, you can either crumble or climb out of it. 

[50:21] Life in Prison

  • Rashmi had to serve time in three different facilities in Miami, Coleman, and Tampa. She did various activities in these places.
  • She stayed in Miami for 10 days before getting transported to Coleman, where she spent most of her time. Then, she moved to a country jail in Tampa, Florida, for 23 days.
  • She held a very steadfast routine every day. Instead of staying in prison with negative energy, she redirected her focus onto doing better things.

[56:58] How She Broke the News to Her Kids 

  • Rashmi's kids were 9 and 10 years old at that time. Although she and her husband were already separated, they both talked to them and were honest about what was going to happen.
  • While she was in prison, her kids and parents visited her several times.
  • Her kids knew that they could always come and talk to her. They also learned the significance of accountability.

[01:05:03] Rashmi’s Present Identity

  • Identity and labels have become essential to everyone.
  • Rashmi considers herself a mother, passionate leadership consultant, fitness enthusiast, adventurer, and empath. She is also a tenacious fighter and an indomitable woman.
“Somehow, there was something that I did—tangible—that this person remembers and wrote about, right? It's such a power. It's like the eulogies before you die.” - Click Here to Tweet This

[01:06:05] Slippery Slope & Ethical Vigilance

  • The slippery slope is the gray area of morality. Once you “play in the gray,” it would be challenging to climb back up.
  • To combat this, anchor yourself with the five steps of ethical vigilance. Listen to the full episode to know more about ethical vigilance
  • When you can stop to apply these five principles, you can refocus and achieve what you want with a little shift.
  • Rashmi is now busy giving talks and holding training on ethical decision-making and leadership.

[01:10:30] The Doors That Opened for Rashmi

  • Rashmi has inspired many people by sharing her story.
  • She also feels blessed that people believe she can help make a difference.
  • During this quarantine, she has also found time to write her book.
“I feel like I am constantly out searching, and trying to grow, and make myself a better person, and learn, and, you know, hopefully help others seek out the same.” - Click Here to Tweet This

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