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Unveiling Amit's 2024 Course Creation Tech Stack
Episode 21717th January 2024 • Course Wizards • Amit Arora and Christopher Maselli
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In this episode of the Course Wizards Podcast, hosts Christopher Maselli and Amit Arora delve into a comprehensive discussion about Amit's preferred tech stack for course creation. Amit shares his insights on his choice of hardware, such as the Shure MV51 mic, the Logitech C920 and Canon M50 cameras, the Godex light, and a budget-friendly lapel mic he uses with his iPhone. He also shares a review of his favorite software tools like Descript, Zendler, System, Thrivecart, Sessions, ChatGPT and This insightful discussion aims to assist others in choosing the right tech stack to enhance their course creation and content management process.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:09 Discussion on Tech Stacks

00:33 Amit's Tech Stack for Course Creation

01:03 Hardware for Course Creation

02:14 Microphone and Camera Choices

05:05 Lighting Setup for Course Creation

07:08 Software and Apps for Course Creation

07:24 Using Descript for Screen Recording and Editing

10:09 Using Thrivecart for Payments

12:06 Using ChatGPT and Leonardo AI

16:52 Summary and Conclusion


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