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Medical Matrix - Carmel Sound Lab EPISODE 3, 10th June 2020
Empowering Patients and Communities | Onno Faber
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Empowering Patients and Communities | Onno Faber

When we aren’t patients, rare diseases may provoke different emotions in us when they pop up in our heads. On one hand, we may feel empathy and curiosity, and on the other hand, we may feel alienation and even indifference. It is important to know though, that we are all going to be patients at some point.

Dr. Rosie Sendher and Makenna Rice sit down with Onno Faber, a patient advocate and NF2 patient. Onno Faber is the founder of RDMD, a medical data science company that accelerates drug research for all kinds of rare diseases. Go behind the scenes of the constant rare diseases’ research as Faber walks listeners through his own diagnosis, sampling, sequencing the tumor DNA and research on NF2, and the motivations behind the birth of his own company.


  • TEDxTalk: We'll all be patients one day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFtgzAZiv5s
  • RDMD: https://www.rdmd.com/?modal=showJob&name=softwareEngineer
  • RareMatter: https://rarematter.org/

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