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Episode 22 - How reps can build credible content to book meetings, with Kevin Indig
Episode 228th July 2020 • The B2B Sales Podcast • Thibaut Souyris & Skip Miller
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In this new episode, Thibaut receives Kevin Indig, for an in-depth conversation on how reps can build credible content to book meetings.

Kevin is VP SEO & Content at G2. He has a strong technical SEO background and developed into a marketing leader over the last couple of years, building and leading teams at several companies along the way. 

In this interview, you will discover how to build quality content and generate demand on LinkedIn and socials, how to build credibility in content when starting a career, and how to craft content for Germany vs the US.

You can find Kevin on LinkedIn here.

Go check G2 here.

Enjoy the show!