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17 Executive Women and Menopause Series Part 3: Dating, Marriage, and the Menopause Journey
Episode 1720th October 2021 • The Happy Executive Woman Podcast • Anita Charlot
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It's time to stop the cycle. It's time to end the miseducation. It's time to take back our power as women and for how we are perceived during the most magical time in our lives. And it's time to start making better choices.

See you inside the episode.

What You'll Learn:

  • That men also go through their own version of menopause: Andropause
  • How to be your own best advocate during your menopause journey
  • How to also be the best partner for your man during their andropause journey
  • Why it's important to teach the truth and empowerment of your cycle to young women and how it could change the outlook of their lives

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