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How To Stand Apart From your Competitors through Better Product Positioning and Messaging with Praval Singh | Podcast #15
Episode 1511th June 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Praval is an expert at brand, product positioning & messaging, go-to-market strategy, demand generation, and content-led marketing initiatives. He is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded several start-ups.

He worked as a freelance content marketer for web publishers and blogs in Europe, South-east Asia, and India. Also, he was the Co-Founder of Dokito, an in-house social media analytics tool at Media Redefined; a digital media agency in New Delhi he also Co-Founded.

He worked as a Senior Product Marketing Manager and Marketing Head at Zoho Corporation, where he is now Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience.

Praval leads marketing for and focuses on brand, positioning, messaging, communication, and other marketing initiatives. He also works closely with various product teams and helps them with go-to-market strategy and special projects.

As one of the official spokespersons, He also represents Zoho before media and analysts, as well as at various international conferences and forums.

During this interview we cover:

  • The importance of standing out through messaging and positioning for B2B SaaS companies.
  • How using social media helps customer experience for growth
  • Working beyond the scope for personal and professional growth
  • The marketing strategy approach of  large product  company VS  a SaaS business
  • Building an all- in-one SaaS business ecosystem solution as a differentiator from the competitors
  • The current value and impact of remote work tools

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