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Episode 17230th October 2022 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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We meet performer, theatre maker, director, teacher and originator of dark clown, Peta Lily.  She is one of the ground-breaking performers involved in shaping the Physical Theatre work of the 1980s. She is well known for her one-woman shows, physical theatre productions and it was a pleasure having her on the podcast. Here is an overview of what to expect:

[[02:14]] How Peta started her journey and concert pianist Victor Borge

[[06:03]] Having a buffet of performance teachers and how they shaped me

[[09:02]] Creating dark clown

[[16:07]] How stand up and clowning can be similar

[[20:02]] Teaching dark clown

[[26:00]] What makes dark clown standout

[[30:00]] How a lot of dark clown scenarios are set in an imaginary torture realm

If you would like to know more about Peta Lily, you can reach her website at , Also, if you what to find out about her drag, alter ego, Parker Dee on Instagram and Facebook at parkerdeeking  and YouTube on this link here: If you enjoyed the episode you can help support the podcast by donating to the Patreon at or follow Marvin through his Linktree at





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