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Season 1: It’s So Much More than LEGO®
Episode 522nd August 2022 • Lead with a dash of Play • Mary Hendra
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When did you last build with bricks? Paul Sanbar found a way to make playing with LEGO® his job when he became a LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator, but his roots in psychotherapy are equally foundational. Building and breaking things apart - externally and internally - that’s serious play!

“Play has the power to change lives.” LEGO®

An Ingenuity + Executive Coach, coaching supervisor, and hands-on visual thinking facilitator, Paul Sanbar's life and career has been dedicated to the field of self-development and to effecting positive change through purposeful play, storytelling, and powerful conversations initially as a psychotherapist and now as an ICF accredited coach and certified coaching supervisor. A certified LEGO® Serious Play® methods coach and member of the MURAL Consultant Network, Paul coaches and supports individuals, groups, and teams to think and reflect not only with words but also with their eyes and hands, putting their imagination to work in both tactile and technological ways.

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