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Kundalini Chronicles – Expectations
Episode 227th November 2020 • The Kundalini Chronicles • Scott Bryant-Comstock
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In this episode, Scott talks about expectations. As someone who has been in the helping business in his entire adult life, the expectations he sets for himself are huge and often get in the way of being productive and doing the right thing. He shares how he started looking at expectations in a different way after his Kundalini Awakening.

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This podcast features the lessons learned from Scott Bryant-Comstock's Kundalini Awakening. Scott shares aspects of his kundalini awakening, reads a spontaneously written poem coming straight from the universe, and provides a bit of homework to help guide you in your own self discovery for improvement.

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Poem shared in this episode:


~ by Scott Bryant-Comstock ~

I expect that today will be good. 

Why? Why should it be good? 

I mean, it could just as easily be bad. 

Or worse, it could be bland and boring. 

Good, bad, bland, boring.

All are expectations.

What is it about expectations? 

Such a seductive never ending loop of insanity is this thing called expectations.

My life is all about expectations. 

My life is filled with expectations, but why? 

What is the purpose of expectations?

What do expectations help me do?

What do expectations help me avoid? 

Of course, the answer is obvious. 

The answer is right in front of me.

And the answer is right in front of you. 

And now, I suppose you're expecting my answer. 

And I suppose I expect that I should give you an answer.

Would that meet your expectation?

Would it meet my expectation?

What if I don't expect anything at all?