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What Most Get Wrong About the Ketogenic Diet, Ketones and Low-Carb Diets, Ketone-Based Booze and More with Frank LLosa!
10th December 2021 • Hanu HRV • HanuHRV (owned by Hanu Health, Inc)
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Frank LLosa is the CEO and Founder of KetoneAid, Inc., the creator of the world's first and strongest ketone ester and, currently, the only salt-free, non-racemic ketone ester. After spending years learning from his wife's godfather, Dr. Richard Veech, the preeminent researcher and creator of ketone esters, Frank was the first to bring ketone esters to the public market. He is now passionate about educating others on the many benefits of a low carb diet, as well as how to utilize exogenous ketones.

In this episode you'll hear:

-How Frank got introduced to the ketone aid industry...01:46

-The commercialization and bastardization of the ketogenic diet...14:41

-Whether exogenous ketones are efficacious to one's health if they're not on a low-carb diet...32:33

-Ketones used to boost productivity and focus in the latter parts of the day...42:37

-Introducing the world's first ketone-based alcohol!...57:08

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