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What Does a Team in Charge of Client Success Do?
Episode 19510th May 2024 • Built to Last • Megan Huber
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In this episode, I discussed the importance of client success in coaching and education and differentiated it from customer support, outlined key team roles, and shared insights on team building and compensation strategies.

The client success journey, including onboarding and metrics, was explored, emphasizing the pivotal role of client success directors in fostering a client-centric culture. There's more to come on this topic so make sure you're following us for future episodes.


1:42 Defining Client Success

2:46 Clarifying Client Success vs. Customer Support

28:45 Lack of Defined Client Success Department

29:41 Role of Associate Coaches and Strategists

34:07 Client Concierge and Community Manager Responsibilities

37:38 Program Manager's Role in Client Success

39:19 Responsibilities of Client Success Director

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