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Resilience & mindset expert Chazz Scott on the power of self-talk (Ep. 113)
Episode 1135th October 2022 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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Is your self-talk helping you or hurting you?

The way we think about ourselves plays a huge role in the outcomes of our lives. Our behaviors, actions, and non-actions are all influenced by the thoughts we hold about ourselves. The human mind on average thinks of 6,000 individual thoughts in 24 hours. How many of these thoughts are serving you?

Our self-awareness and our ability to make decisions is more like a muscle than it is anything else. Willpower is a muscle. Decision-making is a muscle.  Like with any muscle, if you overwork it'll become fatigued. And when it becomes fatigued, it tends not to be able to give you what you need to help you make better decisions or lift the weight of what is happening in front of you.

In this week's episode, we have Resilience and Mindset Expert, Chazz Scott on to share his advice on how we can become more self-aware and empowered to change our thoughts, which will change our behavior, which will change our lives.


  1. Give us an example of limiting self-talk. How can I flip it to be empowering or motivating? [06:54]
  2. You talk about the idea of a "default network". What contributes to that, and why does it stop us from being the best that we can be? [12:46]
  3. After a big life change, there's often a dip in motivation afterward. Does that happen to everybody? And how do I get myself out of that dip? [17:08]




Charles "Chazz" Scott is a keynote speaker, resilience & mindset expert, and published writer.

​After reading The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale just before graduating undergrad, Chazz went through a self-transformation that radically changed his paradigm of life. This new belief within himself led him to work alongside nuclear physicists at a national laboratory, what many consider to be “the smartest square mile on Earth" and encouraged him to start a nonprofit sharing the importance of positive thinking with youth to combat mental health stigmas.

Under his consulting agency, Supra Mentem, LLC. – Chazz specializes in coaching leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals in providing effective strategies to propel individuals toward their potential. His trainings and seminars will leave you equipped with the practical knowledge of the human mind to feel more in control of your life, increase productivity, and gain more fulfillment in life.

Chazz is also the Executive Director & Chief Creative Optimist of Positively Caviar, Inc., a grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit, focused on using positive thinking to build mental resilience and disrupt mental health stigmas faced in underserved communities. The organization provides experiential science-based mental wellness workshops rooted in positive psychology to provide youth with preventative tools to curb stress and increase well-being to flourish in life.

Chazz has been named a BE Modern Man by Black Enterprise Magazine, selected as Top 30 Under 30 by HBCU Buzz, and a recipient of The Positive People Award by The Baltimore Times. Chazz is a contributor writer to Thrive Global and The Baltimore Times. He holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science degree in Cyber Security from Hampton University. In addition, he's published multiple cybersecurity research publications in various peer-reviewed journals