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Andrea Galvez | CS is a Team Sport
Episode 1025th January 2023 • Customer Café by Collabria • Collabria
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Andrea, the VP of Client Success and Membership at the Financial Health Network, is also a branded ambassador at Revgenius and RevAble, organizations that support people living with disabilities. She will discuss her experience as a warrior of chronic illness and the stress of working in sales and customer success, and how she and RevGenius have created a supportive space for those with chronic illness through weekly roundtables and job searching resources. Andrea will also share her thoughts on the changing landscape of company diversity, the relationship between sales and marketing, whether customer success is indeed a sales role, and the advantages of working with a remote team in different time zones.

Stay tuned for the end, where Andrea shares who she follows on LinkedIn and the books she reads to improve her job!


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