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Unlocking the Secrets of Female Anatomy | Dr. Rena Malik
Episode 1034th June 2024 • The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
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Ever wondered why your libido might be low or why things aren’t working quite the way they should? Join us as we uncover the surprising world of how medications and substances can shake up your sex life! Discover the real truth behind common medications like oral contraceptives and SSRIs and their impact on your sexual health.

In this episode, with Dr. Rena Malik we’ll also tackle crucial and taboo topics like genital health, the different types of orgasms women experience, and common insecurities about body image, scent, and sexual performance. Get tips on how to enhance your sexual pleasure and communication with your partner in this spicy episode!

Take control of your sexual health and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. Hit the button, and let’s get started!

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