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Redefining the Role of a Chief Information Officer with Tim Dickson, CIO of Generac
Episode 14023rd May 2023 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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From diversity to digital transformation, innovation and best practices, this episode is packed with expert insights on taking your manufacturing leadership game up a gear. 

Tim Dickson, Chief Innovation Officer at Generac, joins Manufacturing Happy Hour to discuss misconceptions around the job title, what his role actually entails and how he aims to improve his leadership qualities every single week. 

Plus, he shares what Generac does in detail, provides his ideas on innovation and tells us why he wakes up at 4am every morning.  

In this episode, find out: 

  • What Generac does 
  • The new definition of a CIO 
  • How to drive digital transformation 
  • How Tim levels up his leadership skills 
  • Why he gets up at 4am 
  • The importance of diversity 
  • Secrets of the Milwaukee tech community 
  • What innovation looks like at Generac 
  • How to help your team transform 

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Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “If you’re going to drive change, you have to understand and articulate the value of what that change is going to do.” 
  • “Knowledge is key. What you can do with that knowledge is what brings something forward.” 
  • “You have to have best practices.” 

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