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Get Yourself Unstuck with Ashley AsShire - 027
5th November 2020 • She Will Not Be Silenced with Keisha Shields • Keisha Shields
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Your career is not the destination; no job is going to have you in bliss. But it is more about the journey and doing the work. This was the experience that today's guest, Ashley AsShire, talks about overcoming this. 

Ashley AsShire Adams is a writer, speaker, and career development strategist and the founder of Mentor-me, a career development platform for professional women. Her passion is to help women get unstuck in life and use their leadership skills to thrive personally and professionally.

Let’s dive right into this episode and learn more about getting unstuck and strive in your career. 

[00:01 - 06:19] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome my friend Ashley AsShire.
  • Who is Ashley?
  • She talks about her current routine and responsibilities.
  • She shares her passion and vision in mentor-me
  • Ashley talks about the biggest level-up experience in her own journey.
  • Recognizing that she has values and skills that she can leverage and use in her career 
  • Learn how to use the skill and degree that you already have 

[06:20 - 17:39] Managing Up 

  • Ashley talks about the lies we often hear about we have to work twice as hard to get half as much.
  • The lies are rooted in racism and discrimination that exist around the world.  
  • She talks about how she fights against these lies. 
  • It is really about using our skillset to get what we want, making an impact, and get paid for the value they bring 
  • Many women, especially black women, are being silenced with the perception of gratitude to be grateful just to get the role even when they don’t get paid on the value they deserve. 
  • Ashley talks about her managing up strategy
  • Know exactly what the company or your boss expects from you and what exceptional work looks like
  • Make sure you articulate what you need to be successful.
  • Under Promising and over delivering 
  •  You have to get your manager to manage you and you manage them.
  • She recommends a constant meeting time.
  • Managing up is significant to avoid any ineffective and wasteful hustle
  • Know exactly what they want you to do

[17:40 - 26:39] Leverage, Positioned and Strategized 

  • Ashley talks about the myth of getting your dream job.
  • Career is not the destination; there is no job that’s gonna have you in bliss
  • It is about the journey and doing the work 
  • Stop looking for your passion but knowing what you are good at
  • How can you leverage those skills and strategize to get what you want?
  • Passion and purpose are not actionable 
  • What actionable is what you are good at
  • We can lean to our passion and purpose after we learn how to use what we already have.
  • Passion and purposes are not values.
  • She explains the difference between passion and values
  • Know what you are trying to accomplish 
  • Aligning what you are good at and what you care about
  • Finding the balance between your strengths, weaknesses, and your values 
  • Identify your career area and path.

[26:40 - 39:29] Get Yourself Unstuck 

  • Ashley talks about her experience of being silenced
  • She shared about her family background
  • Being in an advocacy environment
  • Being silenced but not stuck 
  • Finding the place where your work is valued and compensated 
  • There is no shame in being silent and stuck, but we have to commit to keep on moving
  •  Ashley shares the experience where she had to speak up for her family and her values 
  • Learn not only to advocate and stand up for others but also for yourself 
  • Their values, advocacy, and support should not come before your own
  • Ashley talks about Mentor-me Mastermind
  • Finding the key credential and career development plan
  • The significance of a career development plan even when you are an entrepreneur
  • It does not have to be a straight line
  • Ashley talks about the personal handcuffs most women have when it comes to their career development
  • self-worth issue, self-esteem, and imposters syndrome 
  • Don’t get stuck but let that feeling ride through
  • We all make mistakes, and that’s normal, do not be ashamed of that

[39:30 - 44:40] Embracing your Authenticity and Whole Identity 

  • Ashley talks about how she grabs hold of her racial identity and navigates her world of work.
  • Bringing your own authenticity and values to your workplace
  • Do not separate your whole identity from your professionalism 
  • Show up authentically 
  • Make your success with your own values. 
  • Equity and justice 
  • Have the confidence and courage to embrace your whole identity
  • You have the capability to shift the dynamics of your environment. 

[44:40 - 47:37] Closing Segment

  • What advice would you give to our audience who needs a breakthrough in their life and career?
  • “It is time to get unstuck!”
  • When you get unstuck, you can advance your career, make more impact, and serve people at a higher level, and be paid for that.
  • How to connect with Ashley
  • See Links Below
  • Final words 
  • Closing 

Tweetable Quotes:

"Your career is not the destination; there is no job that’s going to have you in bliss.

But it is about the journey and doing the work .” - Ashley AsShire.

"It is time to get unstuck! Advance your career, make more impact and serve people at a higher level, and be paid for that.” - Ashley AsShire.

“Do not separate your whole identity from your professionalism, show up authentically, make your success with your own values.” - Ashley AsShire.

You can connect with Ashley on Instagram or visit her website at to get free 20 minutes phone call to map out how she can help you as a mentor. 

If you’d like to continue the conversation, check out the Find Your Voice Course, or visit You will now be able to see videos if you check out the Keisha Shields YouTube Channel where I will begin putting up more content for you to see. 

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