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Almost 30 - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 290, 16th January 2020
Ep. 290 - Lindsey Simcik on Finding Your Voice
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Ep. 290 - Lindsey Simcik on Finding Your Voice


Tune in for some exciting announcements! On Sunday, January 19 at 5pm PST, K + L are hosting a free live training. They will be giving their 5 tips on how to get your first 1,000 listens and turn it into a million! After the webinar, your PodcastPro 2.0 launches. It is designed to help you launch, grow, and monetize your own podcast based on what has and has not worked for K + L. In this catch up sesh, the ladies also reflect on their growth with Almost 30, and why podcasting is their medium of choice.



In today’s solo episode with Lindsey, she is diving deep into the power of your voice. She explores how it’s an expression of your soul, why alignment affects communication, and tangible takeaways to keep your voice in tiptop shape. Lindsey unpacks how this not only applies to singing, but our ability to communicate and express ourselves.

Lindsey takes you on a journey, exploring periods in life that influenced her self-expression—like being bullied in 8th grade—to where she is now. Her current vocal coach has been integral in her understanding of ‘allowing’ vs. ‘pushing,’ and she invites you to explore ways this applies to you. Lindsey also shares questions to ask yourself to acknowledge physical and emotional blocks, how to warm up your voice for communication and singing, and breath work for opening and surrendering.


She also talks about:

  • Why we limit our self-expression
  • L’s college relationship vs. current relationship
  • How failing to ground affects communication
  • The ways we make things more difficult
  • How to check in with yourself + nourish yourself
  • Revisiting your childlike self


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  • Stewart Pearce has been instrumental in helping us connect to our voices! Check him out on Instagram here.




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