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What is a Solo 401(k)?
Episode 42nd June 2022 • Small Business Financial Podcast • Greg Shepard
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In this episode, your host Greg Shepard, shares with you one important feature of the Solo 401(k) that you need to know about as a small business owner - mainly for those sole proprietors out there.

Most small business owners have heard of a 401(k), but have you heard of a Solo 401(k)?

Listen as Greg shares with you why you need to consider this retirement plan, especially if you're a sole proprietor - maybe with spouse on payroll.

Lastly, learn why Greg transitioned from a SEP IRA to a Solo 401(k) for his small business.

Greg is a financial advisor at S&A Financial Services, Inc. and specializes in working with small business owners and their CPA's in providing proactive / wholistic financial solutions.

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