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Shaping student success with data insights
6th December 2023 • Data Citizens Dialogues • Collibra
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At the intersection of data and education, transformative initiatives are shaping the future of higher education institutions. Alice Fleck, Enterprise Data Governance Manager at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), brings to light the critical role of data governance in academic settings.

The significant impact of well-structured data governance committees, which are integral to managing extensive data landscapes, ensure that data-driven decisions enhance student outcomes and institutional performance. With a focus on metadata, classification, and organization, the methodology of integrating library and information science principles into data governance provides a fresh perspective on managing and extracting value from data assets. As the data landscape evolves, these insights underscore the importance of innovative data governance strategies in shaping the future of higher education and beyond.

Three reasons you should listen to this episode:

1. Data governance in academia. Learn how UNCG's innovative data governance strategies are transforming higher education.

2. Enhancing student outcomes. Discover the role of data in improving student performance and graduation rates.

3. Broad applications of data. Gain insights into the diverse impact of data governance across various sectors.


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