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In the Wake of Columbus
28th June 2020 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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Podcast: The Church at Ellerslie Sermons
Title: In the Wake of Columbus
Sub-title: a study in God’s profound ability to trump evil with good 
Date: June 28, 2020
Series: The Spiritual Biography of a Nation
Part: #6
The founding of America in 1492 ushered in fifty years of great darkness. The age of the conquistadors in the late 15th and early 16th century to this part of the world brought with it bigotry and bloodshed. But, in the midst of this growing darkness came forth the light of Truth. Like stowaways in these barbaric expeditions in search of lost gold came missionaries to these shorelines — men in search of lost souls. Like every nation’s history, America’s past is checkered. But one thing is certain as you review it. God shed His grace upon this country and blessed it in order that it might become a blessing to the nations. He turned what the enemy meant for evil into a profound and mighty good.