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Standardizing Surgical Training Through Virtual Reality | Dr Justin Barad
Episode 49th July 2020 • Medical Matrix • Carmel Sound Lab
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During residency, every surgeon’s worst fear is to enter the professional medical field undertrained and unprepared. The lack of objectivity in the preparation and the insufficient exposure of innovative tools to future surgeons is impacting their delivery. Thanks to the integration of Virtual Reality in the field, many groundbreaking tools are being introduced to surgeons and their pupils in an attempt to standardize education. Today, Dr. Rosie Sendher, along with Dr. Erica Fisk, will sit down to chat with Dr. Justin Barad, who is contributing with his own solution to this problem.

Dr. Justin Barad is the founder and CEO of Osso VR, an innovative surgical training and assessment platform. With a burning passion for medical technology and with the unique experience of practicing surgery in a gorilla, he is convinced that proper education and surgical training should be available for every single resident in the world.


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