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S3:E5 The Land of the Lost Food with Lisa Johnson
Episode 55th September 2023 • Earthlings 2.0 Podcast • Lisa Ann Pinkerton
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Hello Earthlings! In today’s episode, our host Lisa Ann Pinkerton (CEO of Technica Communications), and our guest Dr. Lisa Johnson (a), discuss the impact of global food waste! Dr. Johnson is a researcher and Adjunct Assistant ProfessorAdjunct Assistant Professor North Carolina State University, private consultant in food loss and agriculture, and serves as the Board Chair of UpRoot Colorado. 

We delve into the pressing issue of the climate crisis and its far-reaching implications for food security especially for the global south. As temperatures continue to rise worldwide, agriculture yields are dwindling, prompting farmers to adapt by switching to more resilient crop varieties. We underscore the gravity of the global food security crisis, which affects regions across the globe, irrespective of their level of development. What often remains concealed is the issue of food loss, overshadowed by the attention given to harvest yields.

Throughout the episode, we engage in a comprehensive discussion about these interconnected challenges, featuring expert insights and potential solutions to address the multifaceted issues of climate change, agriculture, food security, and food loss. Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore pathways to a more sustainable and secure future for our global food supply!

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