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TCA Ep1067: The Toronto Maple Leafs Underwhelm Against Another.Bottom Feeder, The Ottawa Senators Disastrous Return To Action, David Pastrnak Is About To Get Paid By The Boston Bruins & More.
13th February 2023 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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Rob Christy returns to the Monday morning time slot with Matt Robinson to help you through that day-after-Super Bowl headache.

Lots to cover today including some NFL musings, the Toronto Maple Leafs can’t stop losing to the bottom-feeders, the Ottawa Senators have a disastrous return to action, science is offering to pay you to endure a week’s worth of diarrhea, Ottawa citizens mark a fascinating anniversary, the Boston Bruins are going to have to pay David Pastrnak a ton and tons more.

Support good friend of the show Steve Bunda’s mother as she tries to recover from a fire at her home and being defrauded by the company that was to rebuild her house.

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Evan Drellich. “Winning Fixes Everything”.

Dave Bidini: A Wild Stab For it - This Is Game Eight From Russia.

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