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Lynne Hakes: Cancer, Job Loss, & Fighting Like Hell
Episode 2828th May 2024 • Mindful Mutiny • Jeremy Van Wert
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Description: Welcome to the Mindful Mutiny

Podcast with your host, Jeremy Van Wert, a CEO, Therapist, and Transformational

Coach dedicated to helping you break free from burnout and stagnation. Join us

as we delve into insightful conversations that explore positivity, incredible

life stories, achievement, spirituality, and human potential.

In this episode, we're honored to

have Lynne Hakes, CEO of Firefly Creative Agency, as our special guest. With a

passion for driving impactful strategies and fostering engaging brand

experiences in the digital landscape, Lynne shares her inspiring journey and

insights on unleashing creativity.

Discover how Lynne's robust

background in social media management, content creation, and campaign

development has shaped her approach to crafting compelling narratives that

resonate with diverse audiences. Explore the power of harnessing social media

to amplify brand presence and forge meaningful connections with customers.

To learn more about Lynne Hakes

and Firefly Creative Agency, visit their website at

Don't forget to check out Jeremy Van Wert's website at and

connect with him on social media via

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