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Stop Destroying Motivation with Dan Ariely
11th November 2021 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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My guest his week, Dan Ariely needs no introduction. But just in case, he is one of the worlds most influential psychologists. His work - and he - have inspired and continue to feed my passion, mission, vision and work. In this gloves-off conversation, he explains how leaders build work cultures that kill motivation -dead. He explains what to do, and what not to do, to unleash productivity, efficiency, and innovation. Here’s just a few of his top tips: 

  • You get what you measure, so be sure to measure the right things
  • You CANNOT ignore the way people feel. Feeling empowered = success 
  • Bureaucracy and rigid processes stifle excellence and innovation 
  • Promoting diverse players to senior positions is not enough. The most successful companies nurture environments where diverse hires FEEL absolutely equal to the colleagues. 
  • Architect cultures where people feel safe to share and discuss opinions

Basically, If you want to get the best from your most important asset, people, you have to CREATE culture. There are no quick fixes.

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