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58 The Catherine B. Roy Show - Growth Comes From Within - LinkedIn Decoded - Part 14
Episode 5827th May 2022 • The Catherine B. Roy Show • Catherine B. Roy
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Growth Comes From Within

I know you might think building your own business is a challenge… and you would be right. But that’s why there’s your LinkedIn Wonder Woman! I specialize in helping coaches, consultants, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to do what they love successfully. 

Honestly, my journey wasn't easy for the last half a year or more. But although I wasn't so present on LinkedIn, when I finally focused on the opportunities I've received via LinkedIn inbox and email, I was astonished. 


1. Life can be challenging sometimes and growth comes from within

2. LinkedIn will work for you even when you are focusing on something else

3. Visit and start the journey of growth with me 

P.S. As of next week, I will be on LinkedIn only. My team will work on all other social media.