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Your London Legacy - Steve Lazarus • The London Podcaster EPISODE 57, 19th August 2019
Jay Mullings Is A Multi Award Winning Screen Writer, Vlogger, Musician, Author, Poet & Voracious Content Creator, Who Will Leave You Feeling Totally Inspired

Jay Mullings Is A Multi Award Winning Screen Writer, Vlogger, Musician, Author, Poet & Voracious Content Creator, Who Will Leave You Feeling Totally Inspired


I’m such a huge fan of today’s guest—Jay Mullings. Jay is a multi-award winning screenwriter, poet, blogger, vlogger, musician, author and voracious content creator. Brought up in South London and Jamaica by his Mum and Grandparents, his cultural heritage shines through all his work, though he doesn’t see what he does as work. It’s his joy and passion as he aims to shake us out of our pre-conceived views of society. Despite being told as a student by one of his teachers that his writing wasn’t going to cut it, Jay has pushed on and as he would say ‘kept his pen locked and loaded’.

In 2012 Jay founded Written Mirror Ltd, his creative media company, to be a ‘sandpit’ for all his idea bursting forth, which he shares on a regular basis with his ever growing band of dedicated followers across several social media platforms. I’ve a strong feeling Jay is headed for great things.

“That’s sort of a feature of the content I produce—I try to find these places not many people are going to, because I like being in touch with nature but then I also like the in-between nature and commerce.”


When asked to describe his passions and work, Jay gives himself the moniker of content creator. This makes sense as he’s a poet, writer, musician, film maker—all individually, but also at the intersections of all these practices as well. As a kid he pushed himself in his studies and ended up in the IT world before attending university to study film and television after he realized more traditional work wasn’t going to fulfill him. At the core of his studies was storytelling, a common theme for all his art practices and ideas behind his work.

“When I gave him the sample script…he went as far as trying to trash my ability to understand the English language.”


His first screenplay “Tree House” began while he was in university and still remains unpublished today—however, it stands as one of his most cherished and important works. After the script was bashed by his professor, Jay continued to work on it and ended up in LA studying on a Universal Studios backlot which reignited his desire to tell stories and tell them better.

“This is not to sound arrogant—but because I’ve got a mixed diet of all this stuff going on I don’t suffer form burnout…I’m more likely to feel tired than not inspired.”


Jay has a host of other films, books, and music he has worked on and published over the years. There is Feminunity, which he jokes about being his best Tarantino impersonation about women who meet up under heavy circumstances and band together; then there is The Boys Are Back, which was borne out of a car accident and real life friendship and has gone on to perform extremely well with critics and reviews and awards.

Perhaps most interestingly is The Jam which is currently making its rounds around the globe in Las Vegas and soon Belgium. This feature length documentary has Jay doing all major production roles—it was musically scored, color graded, directed, and written all by him. It follows his life and journey as a content creator, which if you couldn’t tell from this interview, is sure to continue well on into the future with incredible art that pushes boundaries and highlights secrets and people in a way only Jay can tease out of the world.


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