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Quiet The Voices of Self Doubt: Thoughts on Latina Author Annette Chavez Macias
Episode 1293rd April 2024 • ENCUENTRAS YOUR VOICE • Consuelo Crosby
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Today's Pod Club episode is stuffed full of the gems we learned from last week's full length episode with Latina author, Annette Chavez Macias.

We focus in on the one thread that all of us can resonate with: the little voices in our heads trying to block us from achieving our dreams.

Imposter syndrome, la cultura, la familia... so many opinions, even our own, that have us doubting ourselves and stopping us from go after our wants!

No worries if you haven't caught up yet, this one stands alone and will fire you up to listen to Annette share her journey in her own words.


  • Overcoming self-doubt and societal expectations is crucial in pursuing our dreams.
  • Listening to our hearts and acting for the greater good can have a profound impact on ourselves and others.
  • Representation of Latinas in literature and media is important for creating a sense of belonging and empowerment.
  • Supporting and championing Latinas who are making a difference in the world is essential for building a thriving community.


  • "Annette teaches us to not get hung up on our own fears."
  • "Listen to your heart and soul. They know you best."
  • "Annette's story is a testament to the power of perseverance."

Consuelo is a First Gen Peruvian, structural engineer, mother and Scorpio fired Latina out to hold the mic and shine the light for Latinas defining today's cultura in their authenticity.

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