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BONUS: Exploring Manufacturing Partnerships Part 1, Live from IMTS 2022 (brought to you by KUKA)
Bonus Episode8th November 2022 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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This week on Manufacturing Happy Hour, we’re exploring what makes an industrial partnership great.

Is it the tech? Is it the company culture? Is it the size of the company?

Today’s podcast answers all of these questions in the context of a global robotics company, KUKA, and all of their partners. We spent an entire day at IMTS 2022 exploring applications from 3D printing to machining to launching robots into space, all while interviewing KUKA’s partners that make all of these applications possible.

This 2-part episode features ten interviews co-hosted by Jake Hall, the Manufacturing Millennial, with the following leaders:

  • Evandro Maia, Robotics Application Engineer, KUKA
  • Juan Vega, CTO, Reliabotics
  • Warren Reynolds, VP of Operations, I-Cubed Industry Innovators Inc.
  • Nick Johnson, Co-Founder, One Off Robotics
  • Travis Turner, General Manager, Eckhart
  • Scott McIsaac, Project Engineer, KUKA Systems
  • Jean-Sébastien Neveu, President, Waybo
  • Cole Nielsen, CTO and Founder, Orbital Composites
  • Michael Duong, Applications Engineer, Ingersoll Machine Tools
  • Matthew Robey, Account Manager, KUKA
  • Darcy Charbonneau, Director of US Sales, KUKA

Make sure to visit for detailed show notes and a full list of resources mentioned in this episode. Stay Innovative, Stay Thirsty.