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Episode 15215th March 2024 • The Clopen Effect • The Clopen Effect
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What a fun interview! Fresh from Spring Training, Patrick and Barb (Noote Partners) are here to talk all things baseball! bio:

"Over 20 years ago, Cory and Patrick first met at a pizza shop, working up a sweat during busy nights in the northern Chicago suburbs. In the years that followed, the two long-time friends would always spend time discussing ways they could possibly alter their career paths on a joint business venture. Ironically, it would turn out to be one of their shared passions that would open the door to this great “work” opportunity. However, they would stumble upon this project organically one year while planning the annual baseball trip for their group of friends. They were looking for local baseball teams in the area of the trip when the muse struck them. What if there was a website to make that type of planning easier? The idea was born, and what started as a tool to help themselves out became a great opportunity to share with the world. is part of the Curved Brim Media network. This collection of content creators celebrates baseball through a variety of mediums, including podcasts, videos, blogs, and web series. The collective spotlight shines brightly on baseball’s lesser-known teams around the country in the minor leagues, including the collegiate wood bat leagues and indy ball." Support Local baseball here with a sweatshirt!

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