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The PodCASH Show - Kai Villanueva EPISODE 1, 23rd September 2020
Eps 1 - What can Podcasting Do For Your Business?
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Eps 1 - What can Podcasting Do For Your Business?

Building trust and a relationship with your target market can be challenging. But Podcasting allows you to talk to them intimately; it enables you to create content that they can absorb while multi-tasking. Whether your goal is to EDUCATE, INSPIRE, or ENTERTAIN, Podcasting makes the job easy for you!


  • Allows you to build TRUST & RELATIONSHIP
  • A place where you can talk to your audience INTIMATELY
  • Provides CONVENIENCE to your target market
  • It can be your HERO CONTENT; you can repurpose sound bites that are shareable across social media platforms.
  • It helps you increase INCOME GENERATION.

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