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Apple Vision Pro First Impressions
Episode 121st February 2024 • Snackintosh • Aaron Zollo
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Aaron Zollo and Steve Moser share their initial experiences with the new Apple Vision Pro spatial computer. They discuss the set up process, comfort, use cases, limitations, and more.


  • Initial store pick up experience - Some stores seemed underprepared, while others welcomed Zollo warmly. Moser had an easy and informative demo at the store.
  • Comfort - The solo headband can cause pressure pain after 1-2 hours of use. The dual headband distributes weight better but causes issues for some. Light seal fits are very personal.
  • Use cases - 3D movie viewing is a standout feature right now. Spatial and immersive videos also show promise. Productivity use is limited so far.
  • Limitations - Text legibility could be better. Tracking accuracy needs work. Managing windows can be frustrating. More content and native apps needed.
  • Impressions - Feels like an early developer kit. Will improve over time. Compelling for entertainment, but not a productivity device yet. Headaches are common after use.
  • Future outlook - It will take a few generations to reach mass appeal. Glasses version has more potential. Needs more content and native apps.

Key Quotes:

"I personally rather have people in my environment with me so we can interact and see what's going on. Also there's long-term questions of if a flashing display that close to your eyes is a problem over time?" - Zollo